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Join Us

Getting involved couldn't be easier.

There are numerous ways to join Picnic Project in bringing food, health, and hope to our neighbors.

As an Individual

Volunteer at an event, sort groceries, spread the word, wear a t-shirt, pull up a chair

Donations & Resources

Support Picnic Project with donations, fundraisers and food & supply drives

As a Sponsor

Opportunities are available to partner directly with Picnic Project or to sponsor our work

As an Individual

As an Individual

There are a number of ways that you, as an individual or a family, can join the Picnic Project community. You can share your time and presence, attend an event, rock some Picnic Project gear, and spread awareness to your friends and networks.


Joining us at one of our events, or preparing for them, is one way to get involved with Picnic Project. We have always been all about building relationships, and surprising friendships, that cross lines that would normally separate us. So come out, pack some bags, mingle with our community, and show that another world is possible. To learn more, visit our calendar, select an event and click for details and to claim a spot!


If you want to show your love of Picnic Project and help support us at the same time, check out our merch store! We have multiple designs, with choices of colors and styles. It's also a good way to spark conversations with friends and neighbors who wonder what in the world a picnic project is!


Believe it or not, all the people you know may not know who or what Picnic Project is! It is super helpful if you follow us on social media, like (or love) and share or posts, and invite your friends to follow us too. It's also a great way to stay updated on everything we are up to and discover more ways to participate. 


Do you use Amazon for shopping? Did you know that if you use Amazon Smile, a portion of your purchase goes to support Picnic Project, and our mission of a well-fed community? On AmazonSmile, 0.5% of all eligible purchases are automatically donated to Picnic Project with no fees or additional cost. It’s easy! Even better, it’s also now available through the app on your phone.

On your computer:
Just head over to, select Picnic Project as your charity and shop as normal on AmazonSmile.
If you use Google Chrome, you can also download the Smilematic extension to always redirect to AmazonSmile.


On the phone app (iOS & Android):
Download and open the Amazon shopping app.
Open the Main Menu tab at the bottom right of the screen.
Scroll to “Settings” near the bottom, expand the drop-down menu. 
Select AmazonSmile, turn on the mobile app and select Picnic Project. 

Donatins & Resources

Donations & Resources


Picnic Project works hard to maximize our resources and be trusted stewards of all donations. Due to our partnerships with Second Harvest Food Bank, the federal and local government, area farms and grocers, we are able to turn $1 into 7 meals. That's huge! The dollars you entrust to us go far to help our neighbors and our community. Click here to make a donation today. Payment methods include credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

If you would like to mail a check, please make check payable to "Picnic Project" and send to this address:​


Picnic Project

PO Box 2092

Sanford FL 32772

Thank you!

Start a fundraiser

Did you know that you can raise funds on our behalf? Your birthday or an anniversary can be harnessed to support Picnic Project by asking friends to donate in lieu of (or in addition to!) gifts. It's super easy to do on social media.

Facebook: Simply go to our profile page, click on the Fundraisers tab and select "Raise money". 

Instagram: Go to our profile page, click on the Support tab and then select "Create fundraiser".

We can also create, with you, a custom fundraiser to use for a sporting event, a company or a club or organization. For more information, please email​


Would you like to donate some items to the Picnic Project? Or hold a drive at your workplace to support us? The following is a list highlighting the items we can always use, with the items in bold being the most needed. Please contact us to schedule a pick-up or drop-off time. Please note that we accept very limited clothing donations, and no longer accept housewares or furniture.

Green Highlights = items needed most frequently or urgently.

As a Sponsor

As a Sponsor or Partner

Seminole County Florida Health Department logo
Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida logo
The Neighborhood Co-Op logo

Do you have a business, company or organization that is interested in joining Picnic Project? We have opportunities for sponsorship, as well as potential openings for partners.


We believe that we are stronger together, and we are always looking for those who are interested in supporting the mission of Picnic Project. We will put together a custom agreement that works for the benefit of all, and can include promotion, logo placement, naming rights and more. To learn more, email To see our current sponsors, please visit our Sponsor page.


Over the years, Picnic Project has developed relationships with a wide variety of community partners to provide services and resources to our community. While we focus on food, nutrition, and hospitality, our partnerships offer an array of wrap-around services at our events, as well as enable us to procure groceries at low or no cost. To learn more about our amazing partners, please visit our Partner page. For more information about how your organization could partner with Picnic Project, email

Help Us Help Others

Lend a hand through a donation

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